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Naomi was an immediate source of compassionate and practical support in the early hours and days. When my son was in NICU everything was a complete unknown and all of my plans for skin to skin, breastfeeding in the first hour and being in my chosen environment were completely gone. I felt quite lost and it was difficult to take ownership for my own baby and do all of the things that I thought would just happen naturally after birth as he was separated from me. Without me even communicating this to Naomi she offered invaluable advice, such as checking if the hospital staff had helped me with expressing colostrum and reminding me that skin to skin could happen at any time, things which had gone out of my head in the midst of everything and so were perfectly timed. She visited us in hospital and observed me breastfeeding which was incredibly helpful and reassuring having had a few days of continuous conflicting advice from different staff members. Many of the staff were helpful and well meaning but to have somebody that I knew and trusted giving gentle guidance was a huge relief."


The breastfeeding support I got from Naomi genuinely made all the difference in my breast feeding journey and my experience as a new mum. Although stuck in hospital after the birth and very sleep deprived, the support I'd had pre-birth meant I was more confident with the theory of what I was doing. So I knew, for example, when the latch was wrong and what I should be doing to fix it. Perhaps more importantly though, her kindness and care to empower women to feel confident in their decision making, meant when there were inevitable wobbles with me and baby both learning what to do, I felt supported to persevere. More than supported really, I really felt nurtured by the support she gave. It's such a special and heightened time, I feel really lucky to have had her in my life at this point.


Those first few weeks were a struggle and Naomi's helpful hints and assistance got me through and past the concern for my daughter gaining weight. Latching and many breastfeeding positions that seemed so alien and uncomfortable soon became habitual. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I had no idea that it would become so integral to the relationship with my child and my fix all, and I have Naomi to thank for in those early days for helping me along my journey. Naomi offered calm, sensitive and empowering support in a respectful and responsive way. She made me feel like I could do it and that I was doing it - thank you.


I am so pleased I met Naomi. She really helped me recognise what my previous experience of breastfeeding was and that it was really important to make my own informed decisions in terms of feeding my second son. She was so supportive and informative at every stage and because of her warm manner it really helped with the emotional side! Highly recommended to anyone struggling with bf


After not feeling supported enough to breastfeed my eldest son 4 years ago, and struggling with my second son, I decided to speak with Naomi and I’m so very glad I did. Naomi is extremely knowledgeable, confident with a perfect gentle approach. Spending 2 hours with Naomi enabled me to learn what I needed, put a plan into action for the coming weeks in manageable chunks,  and we did it!



We are still solely breastfeeding after a month now. Something I know Elliott and I couldn’t have achieved without Naomi! I am proud that I have worked with Elliott through a tongue tie correction. First whilst expressing, breastfeeding with a shield and paced bottle feeding, now to be getting to removing the nipple shield! We’ve been through a long journey in a short time.


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